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Celebrating three years of teachappy!

I’m a big advocate on positive psychology. I have found it very useful on a personal and professional level. I’ve never been a fan of goal-setting though so it took me by surprise when reading psychologist Tal Ben

Shahar’s book, Happier, that I completed one of the exercises on setting goals for the future.

Several years ago, when I was probably in the first few years of my teaching career, I wrote down these three goals:

Short term goal: Make my classroom the happiest place it can be for my class and me.

Medium term goal: Help spread the science of happiness in my school by sharing ideas with my colleagues and trying to make my school be a happier place to learn and work.

Long term goal: Try and change the education system so it places a greater focus on wellbeing.

Setting those three goals has definitely helped set me on a journey in teaching and education and given me a clear sense of direction and purpose.

In May 2017, I went part-time in the classroom and set up Teachappy as part of my long term goal to help more schools focus on wellbeing as a core part of their offering.

In those three years I’m proud to say Teachappy has reached over 7,000 teachers either through training in schools, talks at conferences or online webinars!

We’ve delivered wellbeing workshops directly to around 1,000 pupils.

We have travelled internationally and visited 6 countries across three continents.

And amazingly, the book that we daydreamed about writing back in 2016 and that was published in 2018, has not only won an award, it has been an Amazon best-seller twice and sold 4,000 copies!

All of this has only been possible with the love and support of family, friends, colleagues and the children I’ve taught!

This is just the beginning of our long-term goal to transform education to focus on what really matters. There’s some really exciting projects lined up which I can’t wait to share with you but until then, thanks for your support and always #teachappy.


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