Pupil Wellbeing

Our training gives staff the tools and resources to help weave wellbeing into all lessons and throughout your curriculum. We cover the following topics:

Mindfulness – We share with your staff the latest evidence which shows the positive affect mindfulness can have on pupil wellbeing and attainment, and we train staff in how to incorporate daily mindfulness practices into their day.

Growth Mindset – A real ‘buzz-word’ in education now, but do your staff really know what it means to have a growth mindset and how to bring it to life in the classroom? We share the latest findings from the research on growth mindset and then give practical ways to foster a growth-mindset in your staff and pupils.

Positive Psychology – otherwise known as the ‘science of happiness’, we have proven strategies to help your children develop more optimistic thinking styles, improve their grit and resilience and find flow in their work.  

Physical Fitness – the link between physical fitness, wellbeing and attainment is backed by numerous studies. We will share the evidence with your staff and show how to incorporate more daily fitness activities into your routine with little disruption to your teaching timetable.

Staff Wellbeing 

Your staff are your most valuable asset. If their wellbeing is low, then it directly impacts on pupil wellbeing and the children’s ability to learn. But by investing in staff wellbeing, studies show that it improves job satisfaction, productivity, decreases illness and absence, and boosts pupils’ attainment. Our training covers the following topics:

Stress Management – not all stress is bad but chronic stress can be extremely detrimental to our health and wellbeing. But how do we know when we are stressed and what can we do about it? Our training helps your staff reflect on what makes them stressed and gives them practical ways to manage this effectively.

Mindfulness – for staff to effectively teach mindfulness to children, they need to establish their own mindfulness practice. Studies show that mindfulness training helps improve people’s mood, increase their levels of resilience, boots their immune system functioning and increase levels of happiness. Our training shares the scientific insights into mindfulness training, guides your staff through some mindfulness meditations and then gives them the resources to begin to establish their own mindfulness practice.

Resilience – teaching is full of highs and lows. But if we’re not careful the lows can knock us so much, that if our levels of resilience are low, we may struggle to get back up. Recent data suggests that 1 in 3 teachers have taken time off due to stress. Our training helps to address this. Resilient teachers not only demonstrate more ‘bouncebackability’ when the going gets tough but they also react less to stressful situations. We’ll guide your staff through practical ways to boost their levels of resilience. Our training will leave your staff feeling more resilient, more inspired and ready to get back in the classroom.

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