Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom  is an essential guide to supporting emotional and mental wellbeing in the primary classroom. It is packed full of tried-and-tested activities and techniques and has a foreword by Sir Anthony Seldon.

“Children's mental wellbeing is so vitally important. Happier children learn more, cope better and are much more likely to make the most of their potential. Adrian Bethune is an inspiration and this book should be required reading for everyone involved in teaching young children. It's a perfect blend of scientific research, real-world experience and practical ideas that really make a difference.

Highly recommended.” 

 Dr Mark Williamson,

Director of Action for Happiness

"Your Mindfulness chapter is great and answers so many questions people might have. You really know how to condense the hard stuff and make it clear.

I can't wait for the book!"

Ruby Wax, author of

' A Mindfulness Guide for theFrazzled'

A great read with bundles of practical advice, which should enjoy a permanent position on anyone's bookshelf with children's wellbeing at heart.” 

Gary Lewis,

Chair of the Association of Character Education, 

Birmingham University

"Adrian’s well-structured book shows teachers how to teach a range of concepts and skills and integrate them into the classroom and school culture. It’s one of the first books of its kind that makes it easy for teachers to understand why this matters and what they can do in a practical sense in their classrooms."

Vanessa King, author of

'10 Keys to Happier Living'

“This is a wonderfully humane and useful book for teachers. Idea by idea it shows how the skills for living can be taught in practice. Beautifully written by a teacher who walks the talk.” 

 Lord Richard Layard, author of

'Happiness - Lessons from a New Science'

“Adrian's book is pragmatic and inspirational. It sparks with wisdom, insight and joy, and is an essential read for practitioners and researchers. Written with beauty and elegance, it is truly a significant contribution to the field of wellbeing in schools.” 

Dr Emma Kell, author of

'How to Survive in Teaching',

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