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Staff Training

We deliver bespoke and inspirational INSET training and workshops for teachers and TAs on developing the happiness and wellbeing of the children and staff.


With a focus on mindfulness, growth-mindset, resilience, and positive psychology, our training will inspire and empower your staff to teach happiness with confidence and also apply it to their own lives.


We are trained to teach the Paws b Mindfulness in Schools curriculum.


Mindfulness interventions in schools have been shown to increase levels of resilience, boost wellbeing and improve pupil’s focus and meta-cognition.


The Paws b course can be delivered over 6 or 12 weeks depending on your timetable needs.

positive psychology

We have created a 6-week course in positive psychology for primary school children, called The Seeds of Happiness.


The course teaches children how they can positively influence their own happiness levels, and helps class teachers embed practical wellbeing activities into their daily teaching practice.


We can teach this course to your children, or train your staff to deliver the course.

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