Free Resources


Wellbeing in schools doesn't have to be expensive. And everybody loves free stuff. That's why we've chosen some of our favourite resources to give away for FREE! Download, enjoy and share away!


Guide for implementing mindfulness in schools

Adrian Bethune & Prof. Katherine Weare have co-written this comprehensive guide for schools. It lays out clearly what mindfulness is, the latest evidence base, how mindfulness works and the most effective ways to implement it in school settings. 

Teachappy Guide To PERMA.png

Teachappy Guide To PERMA

PERMA is an evidence-based model of wellbeing developed by Prof. Martin Seligman. Research shows that when people work at developing each aspect of PERMA, they can improve their levels of wellbeing. This simple guide explains what PERMA is and gives 3 suggestions to try out.

Impact Journal article

Read our debut article in the peer-reviewed Impact Journal of the Chartered College of Teaching. The title is Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing in Primary Schools. Download and share with your colleagues!


Teach Primary Article

Read our latest article for Teach Primary magazine on ways to increase your agency as a teacher. Teacher agency (being able to control important aspects of your work) is crucial to wellbeing and our article shows how to get back in the driving seat!


It's Cool To Be Kind Week - free chapter

Want to find out more about the science of kindness and how being kind makes us healthier and happier? Then download this chapter for free from our award-winning book and be kind and share it with your colleagues!


Brain Power Banner

Why not create a Brain Power display in your classroom using the ideas from Wellbeing In The Primary Classroom, chapter 4 Neuroplasticity - Your elastic plastic brain? Just print off this banner and away you go!


Gratitude postcard

Did you know that the more you practise gratitude the healthier, happier and more successful you're likely to become? Print off these gratitude postcards and get your class to say thanks to people they appreciate.

What Went Well? Banner

Did you know that writing down 3 things that went well for you every day improves your mood and levels of optimism? Download this banner and start a What Went Well display in your classroom.

Stretch Zone Banner

The best learning takes place in the Stretch Zone. It's where your students are challenged and have to think deeply. Why not create a Stretch Zone display using the ideas in chapter 5 and use this banner!


Strengths resources

When we use our strengths in daily life we tend to be happier and more satisfied with our lives. Why not try the 'At My Best' activity from chapter 6, and create superhero characters celebrating your class' strengths!


Happy classroom poster

A free poster summarising the 10 key ideas from the award-winning book Wellbeing In The Primary Classroom. Print it off for your classroom to remind you of what really matters!


Mental Health Promotion in Primary Schools

We were honoured to write this chapter in the book Children and Young People's Mental Health - Early Intervention, Ongoing Support and  Flexible Evidence-based Care.